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Why choose Wisdom

Wisdom Global Investment Managers is an international investment management and advisory firm founded by  Tejas Sarvaiya, CFA an accomplished PMS Fund manager at Trust Capital. Our professional-educational training in Engineering and Finance provides a unique advantage helping us gain a deeper understanding of the convergence across innovative technologies and assess their full economic potential on the company’s financials.

We found that Indian investors don’t have access to the leading innovation sectors in the world which have and are likely to generate significant wealth over the next few decades. Indian investors use all these global services and products but are unable to participate in the growth of those companies through Indian publicly listed companies. Moreover, it’s important for investors to diversify globally. Historical studies have shown that a globally diversified portfolio reduces volatility significantly while increasing returns. Our analysis indicates that volatility reduces the most with an allocation to international equities of between 35% and 55%.

A global portfolio also provides a hedge against the depreciation of one particular currency. Investors have a significant opportunity to diversify their equity portfolios by investing outside their home market. Despite this opportunity, investors on average have maintained allocations to their home country that have been significantly larger than the country’s market-capitalization weight in a globally diversified equity index. Global market capitalization weight serves as a helpful starting point in determining the appropriate allocation between domestic and international equities. Since the turn of the century, the US has been 50-60% of the global market capitalization.

Wisdom Global Investment Managers (WGIM) is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor, focusing and specializing in Investing Globally.

WGIM manages a concentrated portfolio of the world’s top 15 unique and best companies. A unique strategy not available with any of our peers.

Our investment style is –
  • Outstanding Companies with best in class management teams having Leadership attributes (RIGHT Analysis)
  • Concentrated (15 stocks)
  • Long-term oriented (churn < 20% )
  • Multiple sectors (7-8)
  • Global Portfolio (US, Europe, China, and Brazil)


“Buy companies with strong histories of profitability and with a dominant business franchise.“

 – Warren Buffet

… and geography should not deter Investors from doing so

 – Wisdom Global

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