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WG Investment process


About Wisdom Global

Access to good quality management teams and businesses at reasonable valuations compared to the options in the Indian stock markets leading to better returns, diversification from a risk standpoint and currency hedge against Indian rupee depreciation

Wisdom Global offers a 15 stock portfolio which provides investors access to the best global growth and quality management teams with a long track record of high returns on investments.

Wisdom Global follows a proprietary “RIGHT” Analysis process described in this link: https://wisdomglobal.in/investment-process/

The client opens a separate brokerage account and purchases the security portfolio recommended by us.

Clients manage their account with their own username and password, we only recommend a portfolio of stocks to clients

Wisdom Global Investment Managers is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor ( INA000016542)

Account Opening & Depositing Money

Client will open a brokerage account with one of the globally renowned brokerage house.

RBI provides a LRS facility to transfer funds into global brokerage account

As of now, US residents are not permitted to invest through Wisdom Global. Gulf or other NRI’s may be eligible based on their country of residency.

HUF’s are not allowed to avail RBI’s LRS facility and hence would not be able to invest with Wisdom Global

Money can be transferred from your existing bank account to the brokerage account through the LRS facility. Our team will help you with the process.

Tax Collection at Source (TCS) for Foreign Remittance under Liberalised

Remittance Scheme (LRS). Customers can claim credit for TCS Tax collected by the Bank while filing their income tax returns. TCS is computed at 5% of the remittance amount for amounts exceeding Rs. 7 lakhs in a financial year. Client fund transfer using LRS will be subject to a 5% TCS and the TCS certificate is provided by the bank initiating the transfer to the client brokerage account. Clients can use this certificate to claim tax credit in their income tax filing.

The brokerage account is in the name of the client and the client can exit anytime they want by selling the portfolio and cashing out of the brokerage account or closing the brokerage account.

Investment & Taxation

Minimum ticket size is Rs. 50 lakhs

We don’t provide tax advice so please consult your tax advisor for details on taxation. Our understanding is that foreign stocks fall under LTCG after holding them for 24 months. LTCG rate is 20% after claiming benefit of indexation. According to our calculation after claiming indexation benefit the LTCG rate is 16.5%. If the holding period of the foreign stock is up to 24 months, the gains derived from such stocks would constitute short term capital gains and would be charged at the clients’ regular income tax slab.

Client Servicing

Wisdom Global recommends clients join the Telegram channel where we provide daily and weekly updates on global markets as well the stocks in the client portfolios. Please click on this link to join our Telegram Channel: https://t.me/+alc9oAbcyrwyYWQ9.